image3Bader Al Gurg

Adv. Al Gurg has over 24 years' experience as an Advocate with primary focus of practice in the litigation, criminal and rent cases. He is licensed to represent clients in all legal matters before all courts in the UAE, from the First Instance to the Supreme Court. He is highly experienced in the advancement and defenses both criminal and civil cases with specialty in difficult litigation and complex regulatory matters. He has obtained many acquittals and produced numerous of positive results for cases he handles as a result of his experience as both a trial advocate and a negotiator. He has also profound knowledge and specialization in the fields of Commercial Litigation, Civil, International Corporate matters and Labor and Employment laws. 
He has obtained his Law Degree at Dubai Police Academy where he had also served as a Police Officer for 12 years.
As a symbol of appreciation for his excellent professional legal services, Adv. Al Gurg has received a Seal of Excellence Certificate from the Ambassador of Russian Federation Consulate in Dubai.



image4Ahmed Saif Bin Majid Al Matrooshi
Vice Chairman
/ General Manager

Advocate Al Matrooshi is one of the distinguished lawyers in the country, who is licensed to represent clients in all of the UAE courts from the First Instance to the Supreme Court. He has more than 20 years' experience with expertise involving wide range of sectors including Litigation, Civil, Criminal, Commercial, Immigration, and Arbitration Laws.  With his substantial proficiency in various fields of law, he established his own Law Firm in 1992 and called it 'Al Matrooshi Advocates & Legal Consultants'. In this company, his practice focused primarily in all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution.
Prior to being a full-fledged Lawyer, he has spent his career with Dubai Police as a Police Officer, where he acquired significant skills in Criminal Laws and other legal proceedings. Through the years of his experiences and intellectual management in providing legal services in the UAE, Adv. Al Matrooshi has gained the trust, confidence and reliance of all the Firm's clients because of his commitment and integrity in representing their best interests.

 He is also a member of Arab Lawyers Union and International diplomatic relations consultant as well as international Arbitration Consultant.


image5Mohammad Makheimer
Deputy General Manager / Senior Legal Consultant

Mr. Makhaimer earned his Law Degree from University of Assiut – Faculty of Law in Egypt. He has served as an Advocate in many law firms in Egypt and has been involved in numerous cases involving Civil, Criminal, Litigation and Corporate matters throughout his career. He is specialized in all branches of law with an extensive years of  experience practicing Civil, Criminal, Litigation, Commercial, Arbitration, Corporate and other legal proceedings. He has developed an unsullied legal career and gained extensive experience in the aforementioned legal fields as a mediator and litigator. He has in-depth knowledge in representation of civil cases and in managing all phases of the litigation process from investigation, pleadings and discovery to pre-trial, settlement and appeal.

He is also a member of Arab Lawyers Union and International diplomatic relations consultant as well as international Arbitration Consultant.


image6Majdi Kamal Abd El Latif
Technical Manager / Senior Legal Consultant

Mr. Majdi earned his Law Degree from University of Zagazig in Egypt. Mr. Lateef has legal consultancy experience in UAE for over 13 years. His practice areas and expertise include Civil, Criminal, and Litigation procedures before all Courts and other related authorities. He has an extensive experience as an Advocate before Civil, Criminal and Sharia Courts in Egypt. He is a professional consultant with specialty in dealing with complex and technical litigation cases and skillfully acquainted with drafting and preparing petitions and requests and/or motions.





Atef Roby Latif Abo Saif
Legal Consultant

Graduated at the Faculty of Law – Cairo University. A Licensed Lawyer with more than 15 years of strong expertise in diversified areas of legal practice including Litigation, Criminal Law, Arbitration, Administrative and Constitutional Law, and Commercial Law. Has a profound knowledge in drafting memorandum and advising on commercial contracts. He previously owned a Legal Firm in Egypt called 'El Ruby Group' and had been involved in government entities such as Egyptian Council for Human Rights and Development where he had served as a Secretary – General and Head of Legal Committees.




image8Osama Kamal Abd El Latif
Legal Consultant

Mr. Osama has obtained his Law Degree from the University of Assiut in Egypt. He is specialized in all civil, commercial, legal, execution and litigation procedures in the UAE. He has wide-ranging knowledge in the Federal Laws and laws of the government of each Emirate. He has a profound experience as a Legal Researcher in the UAE for 10 years. He had also worked as a Lawyer with rental cases before all Criminal and Commercial Courts and has been involved in Arbitration cases in Egypt.



saeed2Mr. Saeed Ibrahim
Legal Researcher

Graduated from Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan in 2000 and thereafter has worked in Jordan represented before all the courts in different levels. He has served as an Advocate licensed in all Palestinian Courts from 2002 till 2005. Since then he worked in United Arab Emirates in different types & levels and has gained wide experience in all legal procedures and judicial within the country, particularly in preparing Memorandums, Complaints, Newspaper implementations and has an extensive experience to follow up in all police stations and departments within the country and attending expert meetings and following up arbitration procedures very precisely.



Wessam S. Rasmy
Legal Researcher

Graduated from faculty of law Assiut University 2008, Mr. Wessam holds a Master's Degree from INDIANA UNIVERSITY ROBERT H. MCKINNEY SCHOOL OF LAW USA, achievement certificate holder from the American university of Cairo (AUC), admitted lawyer from 2009 in Egyptian Bar Association. He has the sufficient knowledge in handling the process of outlining and verifying legal procedures before all courts, specialized in drafting all types of contracts in English, arbitration, Intellectual property and also attending court’s expert meetings.





Ekremah "Mohammad Khair" Abu Abeelah
Data Entry Administrator

Earned Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Jerash Private University in Jordan. Has wide-ranging knowledge in various computer applications and specialized in software and hardware maintenance. He has 4 years of broad experience in programming, web designing and development, Java desktop application development and other applications. He is consistently working to the utmost level of professional standards drawing on experience and comprehensive technical expertise combined with desire to succeed. In addition, he is an effective team player with an excellent interpersonal and organizational skills and has an ability to work well with all levels of internal management and staff, as well with clients.





Stanislav Gordeev
Legal Counsel

A Canadian National, graduated from Moscow Academy of Justice of Higher Court. He holds Masters Degree and PH Degree from South Russian State Technical University. Mr. Stanislav has been the representative of all CIS' Countries as per authorities granted to him by the Consulates of Dubai with association of Advocate Bader Al Gurg. He is a highly experienced Legal Counsel with more than 16 years' experience in practicing corporate commercial law and skilled at applying and integrating the law for established business and entrepreneurs as well as providing advice to many international clients on structuring options available to them that allows them to carry on business in the United Arab Emirates.




Ayesha Karim
Of Counsel

Ayesha Karim is a lawyer with 24 years' experience. She has worked for over 10 years in the UAE in premier law firms, prior to joining Al Gurg &Al Matrooshi. She has indepth knowledge of the UAE legal system. She is enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi and the DIFC Courts in Dubai. Ayesha works on both contentious and non-contentious matters, including corporate, commercial, employment and intellectual property law and has advised international law firms on UAE law as well as acted on high value arbitration and litigation matters. She has worked at the Supreme Court and its subordinate courts in India. Her experience with both the common law and civil law systems gives her a unique advantage in advising international clients.





Sandeep Narayanan
Senior Corporate Manager

A Post- Graduate in law from the University of Kerala, Trivandrum, India, Mr. Sandeep Narayanan holds a Master's Degree in Business Laws (M.B.L), in addition to his Degree in Law (L.L.B) and a Bachelor's Degree in Academic Laws (B.A.L).  Among the first batch of Lawyers to be directly trained by the BAR COUNCIL OF INDIA, Mr. Sandeep Narayanan was called to the BAR in 1996.  Armed with a 15 year professional standing, Mr. Sandeep has, following his arrival in the UAE in 2005, been associated with several infrastructure and development projects in the UAE, which have greatly benefitted  from his skills and acumen in legal drafting of Contracts, preparation of due diligence reports, review of various contracts, and in providing legal advisory opinions and consultations.  He has undertaken extensive research in various fields of law and has authored thesis works including "Software Copyright Law - A comprehensive study", "Dowry Prohibition Act - A Critical Appraisal" and "Compendium on the Law of Arrest - Human Dignity Element in Arrests"; which have been accepted as reference material for legal collegiate education. In addition, Mr. Sandeep has been associated with various NGO's and non-profit organizations and has been awarded with certificates of recognition for his contributions in imparting legal literacy and in ameliorating legal awareness among socially and economically backward classes of society.



image15Sowmia Thomas
Associate Corporate Lawyer

Graduated in Law from Cochin University of Science and Technology, India in addition to graduation in Commerce from Calicut University, India. Completed 'Executive Programme' offered by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).  Having extensive experience as Lawyer in well-known law firms in India and empanelled Advocate of "THE LEGAL SERVICE AUTHORITY OF KERALA" providing Legal Aid to the poor mass in Thrissur District, Kerala, India. Well-versed in Corporate and Commercial laws, Real Estate Laws, Labour Laws and Arbitration and Dispute Resolution. Proficient in drafting various Agreements, Legal Notices, Legal opinion and Legal Review.




Aline Kasparian
Executive Secretary

Has extensive experience in Office Administration and Human Resources for more than 12 years in United Arab Emirates. She is proficient and has a profound knowledge in all areas of administrative work, specifically on managerial support, follow-ups and coordination with the clients, HR related matters and drafting of correspondences. She is efficient in performing variety of specialized administrative tasks for Lawyers mainly in providing assistance for the preparation of documents and files for trials, appointment scheduling and travel arrangements. She ensures to supervise the overall administration functioning of the office, being a perfect support





Panchal N. K. (Bilal)
Public Relation Officer

With 35 years of work experience in the UAE, Mr. Bilal undertakes all the activities for official submission and collection of various legal documents on behalf of the Firm, in professional and timely manner. He has a strong background of the country's Labor Law and profound knowledge in all procedures and documentation for visa applications, licenses renewals, and employees official paperwork. He is with at Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi Advocates & Legal Consultants for more than fifteen years and he works following and ensuring compliance with company policy and procedures, in processing of/delivery of the assigned services.




Aileen Ecijan
Office Administrator

Obtained Degree in Associate Computer Secretarial at AMA University. Has more than 7 years' experience in providing secretarial and administrative support to the management and legal consultants. She is well versed in interacting professionally with wide variety of clients. She mainly deals with client coordination, travel arrangements and appointment scheduling for the top management and legal consultants. She has a wide range of exposure and skills in serving clients with integrity and confidentiality.