Cross border compliance

We can assist you in your region and in the region where you seek legal help.

We focus on all aspects and domains of law related to national, Middle east and international sale, trade, distribution, agency, commercial cooperation and franchise, investments by way of joint venture, establishment, acquisition or take over, immigration, emigration, labour and employment, traffic and transport, insurance, recovery and compensation, dispute resolution,real estate and construction, private matters, and business services to start up companies.

Whether you seek legal assistance in your region or on the other side of the globe: that assistance will be provided by qualified lawyers of the country involved, who have a thorough knowledge of their local culture and legislation and moreover often graduated as certified legal translator in your language and their language.

No waste of time and money finding the right legal partner in your region of trade or investment. That’s what makes us unique!

That’s why we should be your preferred or outsourced partner in all your legal matters, Belgian, European and International!

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