Establishing a Joint Stock Company In Middle East

Issued Capital: The minimum limit

Board of Directors: There should be at least three members. Notably, all board members can be foreigners.
Membership Guarantee: Each member must have shares .
Experienced Members: Up to two board members might not meet the shareholding quorum but must bring valuable experience.
Founders: A minimum of three individuals or entities is required. All individual founders must possess legal capacity, and entity founders should have distinct legal status.
Share Value: Each share’s value ranges between 1% to 3%
Authorized capital can’t be more than ten times the issued capital.
Paid-up capital must be at least 10% of the issued capital.
Monetary shares should cover at least 25% of the issued capital.
In-kind shares can’t exceed 75% of the issued capital.
Company Name: It should reflect its purposes, and it cannot use the names of its partners.
Minor Participation: Minors can join if they use their funds, but court permission is necessary.
In-kind Capital Shares: A committee from the General Authority for Investment evaluates these.
Public Subscription: If shares are offered to the public, the issued capital must be at least 25%.
Bearer Shares: The articles of association can allow for bearer shares, up to 25% of total shares, but they must be fully paid. Setting up a joint stock company in middle east can be intricate and demanding. However, with proficient legal guidance, this venture can transform into a streamlined and fruitful endeavor. That’s precisely where the lawyers at Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi Law firm In middle east step in. Al Gurg & Al Matroosh’s Top international Law Firm The Trusted Law Firm for Joint Stock Establishment in middle east

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expert oil and gas legal services In Middle East

Our lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in all sections of the petroleum sector in the Middle East

The Middle East is an important producer of oil and gas in the world. The Ministry of Petroleum is the government authority responsible for regulating and developing the oil and gas industry.
The Ministry of Petroleum operates through two main entities in the fields of oil and gas. We provide an effective business plan for organizing and managing oil and gas resources activities in the Middle East. Our office works to provide solutions and consultations for EGAS activities, including: Establishing companies to explore facilitation of production, middle operations, transportation and marketing. Petroleum sector .We clarify the terms and conditions for all oil and gas resources to be subject to the control of states. Accordingly, Only the state can grant the rights to explore and exploit oil and gas resources to interested investors.The rights to explore and exploit oil and gas resources are granted under a concession agreement. The concession agreement shall be issued by law. EGPC or the General Petroleum Corporation (as appropriate) on the one hand, On the other hand, the contracting company wishing to carry out exploration and exploitation activities. A recurring format is followed, with slight variation in each agreement. In addition to the relevant franchise agreement, Oil and gas exploitation operations are subject to the terms and conditions for mines and quarries – for petroleum. In the event that there is no legal basis under the relevant franchise agreement we will clarify it, Exploration and exploitation operations will be subject to the rules of the Fuel Materials Law, its executive regulations, and relevant ministerial decisions, when necessary, and this is what we will do on your behalf. Notable investment agreements To support investments, we outline several notable investment agreements. The government grants the right to explore and exploit oil and gas under a concession agreement between the winning contractor company (the contractor)Countries are represented by the Ministry of Petroleum and EGPC/General Petroleum Authority, as the case may be.  In this regard, contractors must meet certain financial and technical requirements to be granted a concession.
The contractor is not required to be a native of the country.
Why Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi Stands Out
Choosing Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi means entrusting your legal needs to industry stalwarts. Our lawyers don’t just offer advice; they provide unparalleled guidance underpinned by a legacy of success.

immigration services lawyers In Middle east

Middle east’s Premier Immigration Services Lawyers Law Firm
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How We Can Help
Confused about immigration? Let us guide you. We’ll study your case, give clear advice, and simplify the whole process.

Immigration: A Quick Overview
In basic terms, when you move from your country to live in another, that’s immigration. Many reasons can drive this move, like new job opportunities or simply wanting a new environment.

Benefit from Our Wide Connections
Our immigration team offers vital information to help with your move. And, our global ties mean we can give you even more support.

Making Your Move
Thinking of a new life in a new place? Remember, every place has its rules for newcomers. Choose Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi , and we’ll make sure you move correctly and easily.

Common Immigration Challenges and How We Can Help
Top corporate lawyers in Middle east co-operate With our immigration Lawyers help Navigating the immigration process can be complex and challenging. Our team of immigration lawyers has experience handling a wide range of immigration-related issues, including:

Delays in processing times
Rejection of visa or residency applications
Issues with documentation and paperwork

Commercial Contracts in Middle East

Commercial Contracts Lawyers in Middle east ? Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi Middle east’s Top International Law Firm

The Best Commercial Contracts Lawyers in Middle east , We are highly regarded and well-established law firm based in Middle east . With a team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers, we specialize in providing top-quality legal services to clients in a wide range of industries. Our focus on commercial contracts law sets us apart from other firms, and we have a proven track record of success in this area, contact us now .

Why Choose Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi for Commercial Contracts Law?
Choosing Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi Middle east’s Top International Law Firm means you value the importance of solid commercial contracts. And for good reason. Strong contracts are the backbone of every thriving business. Hence, our team, brimming with experience, ensures these contracts are not only well-drafted but also serve your best interests.

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The world of Middle east commercial contracts might seem overwhelming. However, with the guidance of Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi Law Firm in Middle east , the path becomes clearer and simpler.

A Glimpse of Our Offerings:

Supply and Distribution Agreements: Many businesses rely on these. , the right agreement can make all the difference, setting the tone for a successful venture.
Manufacturing Contracts: As industries grow, so does the demand for clear manufacturing contracts. Our team drafts these, keeping both local nuances and international standards in mind.
Joint Venture Agreements: Collaborations can boost growth. And we’re here to ensure such growth is well-guarded with tight joint venture agreements.
Licensing Agreements: In an era where ideas are gold, we help protect yours. We draft licensing agreements that shield and optimize your intellectual assets.
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