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Mahmoud Kamal Abdul Latif

Assistant General Manager

Mr. Mahmoud joined the firm in March 2018 and works and assists the General Manager in managing the tasks and strategies for the development and organization of work between the various departments of the firm, so as to connect clients with every aspect of their files in the firm and he closely monitor our clients’ cases in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, as well as overseeing our team members to provide the quickest legal and procedural services of the highest quality that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Mr. Mahmoud has plenty of experience, skills, and professional and technical courses that he acquired over 17 years in the country in the field of various management works and the development of organizations and companies, leading to raising their efficiency and achieving excellence in work, vision, and goals required and reaching the finest services provided by the firm as part of his broad vision in the field of developing the legal work and achieving the best rates of quality, development, and progress.

Majdy Kamal Abd El Latif
Senior Legal Consultant & Head of Litigation Department

Magdy has a law degree from Zagazig University, Faculty of Law in Egypt, and has been working in Egypt with major companies that specialize in the field of law and legal advice for five years, and has rich experience, 22 years, in the same field in UAE with 22 years of experience, during which he worked in providing legal advice and preparing memorandums and appeals/cassations in civil, commercial, real estate and criminal cases, and personal status cases for Muslims and non-Muslims, and he is registered with the Legal Affairs Department of the Government of Dubai as a legal consultant; and he is a professional consultant specializes in handling complex cases that require extensive legal expertise.


Tamer Mohsen Mukhtar Rashwan

Legal Consultant

Mr. Tamer has the Bachelor of Laws from the University of Alexandria, Faculty of Law in 1995 – He attended Arbitration Course on 11/11/2009 and a course in Family Courts and personal status cases on 01/21/2010 both in the Studies, Research, Legal and Economic Services Center.

Professional Experience:

He has been working as a lawyer for over than 25 years – with a high level of legal knowledge and he has a proven record in providing legal advice and achieving positive results for clients, he is a registered lawyer to pleading before the Supreme Court of Cassation and Administration in the Arab Republic of Egypt and registered as a legal advisor at the Legal Affairs Department of the Government of Dubai.


Experience in commercial, real estate and criminal cases. He worked on many commercial and real estate cases for several major companies in UAE and has great experience in providing legal advice, legal analysis and legal research skills.

Mr. Tamer is interested in communicating with clients and following up on their cases in professional way and in accordance with the best standards to provide excellent legal service to achieve the best possible results while ensuring the confidentiality of information of clients’ cases.

Ali El Wakeel
Legal Consultant

Professor Ali Al-Wakeel graduated from the Faculty of Law, Alexandria University – Egypt, in 1999-2000. He studied under an elite group of legal scholars, whether in his university studies, in-depth studies, or his professional life. He is registered as a lawyer with the Supreme Administrative and Cassation Court of the Arab Republic of Egypt and is also registered with the Arab Lawyers Union. As well as a legal advisor registered with the Legal Affairs Department at the Court of His Highness the Ruler of Dubai. God save him

He is a professor / Ali. Law firm for 24 years. He has a long record of pleading in cases of a special nature and always provides innovative legal solutions and ideas to defend his clients. He is distinguished by his extreme positivity and constant concern for the interests of clients and clients.

The professor got the agent. He completed several advanced and in-depth academic studies and courses in civil, commercial, and real estate law and commercial arbitration. He also obtained specialized courses in real estate laws, bankruptcy law, commercial transactions law, banking and insurance laws, arbitration law, and the motives for mergers and acquisitions. In the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Ali has joined. To the office family, Al Gurg and Al Matrooshi, lawyers and legal consultants, to work as a legal advisor. In the Office’s Litigation Department on 3/1/2018.


Ossama Kamal Abd El Latif

Legal Consultant & Head of the Rental Cases Department

He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Assiut University in Egypt in 1995, and worked in the legal field in Egypt from 1996 to 2003 until he came to the United Arab Emirates to work as a legal consultant for 18 years, he was handling all types of civil, commercial, real estate, criminal, personal, and labor cases, then he specialized in rental cases since 2011 and now he is the head of the Rental Cases Department in our firm.

Hussein Bassiouni Al-Mashlini
Legal Counsel

Mr. Hussein has a Bachelor of Laws in 1999 from the Faculty of  Law – Alexandria University, Egypt

2 – Postgraduate Diploma in Public Law in 2000 – Faculty of Law – Alexandria University.

3- A registered lawyer has been with the Egyptian Bar Association since 2000.

4- A registered member of the Arab Bar Association.

• He worked in Egypt as a lawyer for pleading and as a legal consultant, since graduation directly to a number of the largest law firms, including attending hearings and oral pleadings before all civil, criminal, Sharia, military, and state security courts, as well as attending investigations in police stations and the Public Prosecution.

– In the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Hussein worked for the largest law firms and legal consultancies since 2007 until now, and joined the Al Gurg and Al Matrooshi team in December 2020. He has great experience in writing memos and statements of claims, responding to cases, and drafting legal defenses in all types of civil, commercial, real estate, insurance, personal, labor and criminal cases and for banking issues, sales, and attachments and all related procedures and arbitration cases, also drafting appeals and cassations statements in all kinds of cases, experience in attending experts’ meetings, refuting legal responses and arguments, and drafting all kinds of contracts and establishing companies and the ability to communicate with clients, attending meetings, explaining legal opinions, oral and written consultations, and the ability to work in a team spirit, cooperate with the work team successfully, in Arabic and English.

Mr. Saeed Ibrahim
Legal Researcher
Graduated from Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan in 2000 and thereafter has worked in Jordan represented before all the courts in different levels. He has served as an Advocate licensed in all Palestinian Courts from 2002 till 2005.
Since then he worked in United Arab Emirates in different types & levels and has gained wide experience in all legal procedures and judicial within the country, particularly in preparing Memorandums, Complaints, Newspaper implementations and has an extensive experience to follow up in all police stations and departments within the country and attending expert meetings and following up arbitration procedures very precisely.
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Mohamed Khairy Abdellatif,
Legal Researcher

Mohamed had graduated from Assiut University – Faculty of Law – in Egypt, and after graduation he worked in the legal profession with all Egyptian courts of various degrees and types, as he worked for major law firms in Egypt, which earned him great experience in the legal work, then he joined Al Gurg and Al Matrooshi team in 2016 and gained good experience in reviewing the state courts of various degrees and he is professional in preparing all applications and civil, commercial and rental regulations and implementation regulations as he has knowledge He is well acquainted with all sections of the courts and their jurisdiction, reviewing police stations, opening complaints in all criminal complaints, cooperating in his work and always looking at everything that is new in his desire to develop himself and the work that is entrusted to him.

Fawzy Mustafa Ali

Legal Researcher

He had graduated from Alexandria University, Egypt in 2002, and he is registered at the Egyptian Bar Association – Appeal Degree, having 18 years of experience in writing contracts, legal advice and memorandums in various forms of criminal, civil and Sharia law.

He also worked for three years in Saudi Arabia before various courts, and he has experience and knowledge in federal and local laws.

Fawzy joined the Al Gurg and Al Matrooshi office in 2019, specializing in the rental department.


Riham Sibai

Litigation Paralegal

She has a vast experience in legal correspondence and has a great proficiency in translation also in typing bi-lingually in English and Arabic. She is patient, helpful, understanding and that’s the reason she has reached the highest level of efficiency and client satisfaction.

She has a vast experience in the work of legal correspondence and organizing and arranging appointments and managing them well, she has high skills in translation and typing in Arabic and English and dealing with the information network well. Riham is ambitious, cooperative and has knowledge of work that makes her reach satisfactory results which fulfill the client’s requirements.


Ahmed Ismail Aburia
Legal Assistant

Ahmed Ismail Aburia graduated from Tanta University’s Faculty of Law in 2016 with a good grade.

For two years, he worked for one of the largest law firms in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where he studied the legal principles, as well as various types of cases, including civil cases, personal status, and compensation; then he began his professional career as a freelance lawyer, handling all cases, including writing lawsuits, organizing documents, filing those lawsuits in court, drafting memos, submitting defenses, and completing the litigation process.

Then file those lawsuits, circulate them in court, write memos, submit defenses, and complete the full litigation stage.

Ahmed joined our team as a legal assistant, where he prepares legal documents such as contracts, agreements, and case files. Additionally, he opens client files and keeps track of the daily updates on them and follows up on them.

Waleed Abdelkarim

Waleed graduated from the faculty of AL-Alsun (Foreign languages) Minya University, in 2019. He has been working as a Freelancer Translator and simultaneous interpreter specialized in different fields and materials. He has an excellent set of skills when it comes to customer service and handling clients’ inquiries in a professional and timely manner. He has worked for a United States-based company named Altice USA, one of the biggest Telecommunications Providers in the United States. He also worked for Vodafone Ireland as a Tele-Sales advisor helping promoting company’s products and services, providing excellent customer service, and helping customers matching all their needs.

Waleed joined Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi team in 2022 as a Litigation Paralegal. He is able to develop a massive experience in client service, aiming at the highest levels of clients’ satisfaction. He acts as the direct point of contact with the clients, as well as the link between the litigation team and the clients, providing them with the latest updates on their cases and all different legal services through various channels of communication, and arranging and attending meetings for translation.


Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Bakr

Legal Researcher

Ahmed has 6 years of experience as a lawyer and holds a LLB 2016 from Beni Suef University, Egypt, Faculty of Law. He has a Diploma in International Arbitration and a Diploma in Public Law – Faculty of Law – Assiut University, Egypt in 2018 – Masters in Public Law, Faculty of Law – Assiut University.

He is a registered lawyer at Egyptian Bar Association since 2018.

He worked for the legal affairs dept. at Egypt International Company / Hurghada / Egypt 2017-2018.

He also worked in a private law firm and legal consultancy for a year in Egypt. He joined the Al-Noor Law Firm and Legal Consultation in Dubai. 

He has experience in preparing all statements of claims, notices and requests in rental cases and in all types and stages and providing legal advice to clients regarding all rental issues, commercial transactions, labor and real estate matters, as well as drafting contracts of all kinds, reviewing legal documents and agreements, and filing lawsuits, dealing with complaints and filing legal briefs in relation to international arbitration and interpreting laws, provisions and regulations for corporate individuals. He has extensive experience in dealing with rental cases on the system of the Rental Dispute Resolution Center and all procedures and degrees of litigation.

He joined the Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi team in October 2021 and works in the rental department in the firm.

Ayman Jamal Al Bahas

Legal Researcher

Ayman Gamal graduated from the Faculty of Law – Tanta University, Egypt – in 2007. He joined one of the largest law firms in the Egypt, where he learnt the legal principles, and received a training in various types of lawsuits, including civil, personal status and compensation for a period of 10 years, and then started his professional career as a freelance lawyer, to undertake the task of completing all cases such as writing lawsuit statements, organizing documents and filing these lawsuits, pleading and attending before the court, writing memorandums, submitting defenses, and completing the entire litigation process.

He started working in the United Arab Emirates in 2018 in one of the law firms in the country as a legal assistant in preparing and submitting memorandums and deputations, following up on all legal procedures of the lawsuits, reviewing the courts for the completion of all procedures related to the lawsuits, as well as appearing before the case management and civil disputes, and attending experts’ meetings and handling execution files, by registering and following them up, and submitting requests in the files.

Ayman joined Al Gurg & Al Matrooshi team in 2022 as a legal researcher, where he is responsible for our Execution Department for the lawsuits at the Dubai Court as he is drafting statements and registering the execution cases, following up on the announcement of the writ of the execution, submitting applications in the execution file, checking with the court in this regard, and taking all necessary executive legal measures in the execution files.


Mustafa Rabie
Legal Researcher

In 2017, Mustafa graduated from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif University, Faculty of Sharia and Law, in Assiut, with a very good general grade with honors. Assiut University’s Faculty of Law awarded him a master’s degree in public law in 2018. In 2019, he earned his master’s degree in private law from the Faculty of Law University Assiut with a very good general grade; in addition to obtaining a postgraduate diploma in human rights with a very good general grade in 2020.

He joined one of the largest law firms in Egypt, where he was indoctrinated with legal principles and trained in various types of cases, including civil, personal status and compensation. At the court, write memorandums, submit defenses, and complete the entire litigation stage.

Mustafa Rabie joined us as a legal researcher.

Jalal Osama Ali
Data entry

Jalal graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Tanta University, Egypt in 2019, and after his graduation, he worked in a major commercial company in Egypt, where he worked in the accounts and data entry departments, which gave him great experience in the field. He joined the Al Gurg and Al Matrooshi team in 2022 as a data entry officer and is noted for his ability to develop and extensive experience in this field.


Walid Far
Accounting and Finance Department In Charge

Walid graduated from Badji Mokhtar University in Annaba, Algeria, with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2008. Additionally, he has obtained several certifications in financial reporting and taxes and has 12 years of experience in accounting and finance within the country; and he joined our firm in 2018.

Justin Bernardo
Filing Clerk

Juztin graduated from Wesleyan University Philippines with Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting year 2022, he performed as Financial Critique from studies of his fellow sophomores and has experience in Managing accounts from businesses in his country. Juztin joined Al Gurg and Al Matrooshi in 2022.